12 December 2016

[VR Dome Theater logo]

Introducing the VR Dome Theater!

There are thousands of planetarium theaters around the world. Under their domes, audiences take in the sights and sounds of the universe — stars and galaxies, planets and moons. People learn the ways of science and nature. And they revel in enlightening and entertaining artistic and musical performances.

We thought, "How can provide the same great audiovisual experience you get under the dome, but in the comfort of your own chair?"

So, in 360° spherical video, we've created a virtual planetarium, the The Vera Rubin VR Dome Theater — to bring the planetarium theater experience to your screens, devices, and VR headsets.

We're just getting started. So for now, what you'll find are trailers for fulldome shows created by Loch Ness Productions. Besides viewing the trailers, you can purchase downloads of the full shows, for viewing on your own devices.

While we work with other producers to make their shows available for purchase, please contact us to let us know your thoughts about all this.