360vr_logoTechnically, they are 360° or spherical videos — surround imagery from within a sphere, mapped as equirectangular projection.

On flat screens, you can drag your mouse or slide your finger on the movie, to simulate looking around. On mobile devices, turning around in your chair can simulate that motion.

To get the full immersive experience, we recommend watching the videos in a VR headset — a Daydream View or Cardboard, Rift, Vive, PlayStation VR, etc. Then you can look around and immerse yourself in the dome theater experience, like in a real planetarium.

With our movies, you have a fixed viewpoint in the center of the theater. There's nothing interactive; you don't maneuver a character, jump over cliffs or run through the landscapes, like in a VR video game. Instead, the producers have made all the action play out on the dome overhead, while you sit back in your comfy chair, look around and enjoy!

No. There are only a few planetarium theaters in the world with stereo 3D projection capability. So only a few fulldome movies have been made in stereo 3D. We distribute a few of the titles to 3D-capable planetarium theaters, but we have not yet pursued making them in stereo 3D for VR. Let us know your interest, and we'll check with the producers to see what can be done.

Contact us! Tell us what you want, and we'll check with the producers to see what can be done!

show poster Yes. We made two short showreels, called LNP Blast! – VR showreel 360° and VR Dome Theater Showreel – 360°. Follow the links to download them from Vimeo.

We use Vimeo On Demand to host and deliver streams and downloads of our movies.
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Vimeo screenSelecting a STREAM or DOWNLOAD button on our site takes you to the Vimeo On Demand Rent/Buy screen. If you're a Vimeo member, and you're logged in already, skip to the next step.

Otherwise, the screen will say "To purchase, join Vimeo or log in". If you're a Vimeo member, you'll need to log in.

If you're not a Vimeo member, you'll need to join by entering your name, email address, and a password. Then follow their email verification process.

Don't worry, you won't need to purchase anything to redeem a free promo code.

Vimeo screenOnce you're logged in, you'll be given your payment options — PayPal or credit card.

If you don't have a promo code, enter the information, select the blue "Rent" or "Buy" button, then skip the next two steps.

If you have a promo code, select the blue Apply promo code link.

If you were sent a link with a promo code, skip the next step.

Vimeo screenEnter the promo code and select the "Apply" button.

Vimeo screenYou should get a screen that shows the discount amount associated with the promo code. Select the blue "Continue" button.

Vimeo screenTa-da! You will get the "Thanks for your purchase" screen, with blue "Watch Now" and green "Download" buttons.

If you select "Watch Now"... you can!

If you select "Download", it will start downloading the highest resolution movie. If you would rather choose a different resolution instead, cancel this screen by clicking anywhere outside the white Vimeo box.

Vimeo screen

From the show's page, select the green cloud "Download" icon (for the single shows of a set like Seasonal STARGAZING, scroll down to see the individual shows). Youll get the Vimeo "Download" dialog box.

Vimeo screenThere you can select SD, HD, 1080p, HD2K or HD4K resolution in the dropdown box, and then click the gray download cloud icon (which will turn blue when you hover over it).

From the money you pay, Vimeo takes out transaction fee, taxes, and 10% for their services. They send the rest to us, and we split that amount with our producer partners, according to the agreements we have with them. The show's producer gets the lion's share of your money. We pay them whenever there are sales to report.

360vr_logoDoes what you see look warped like the image on the left? If so, you're probably running on iOS or using a Web browser that does not support 360° videos.

You'll need to use the free YouTube or Vimeo app. Select the viewor viewbutton below the trailer frame. If you have the app installed, it should load and start playing the video in 360°.

If you don't have the app installed, download the latest YouTube or Vimeo app from the App store (for iOS) or the Google Play store (for Android).

Perhaps it's easiest to use the free YouTube app on your phone-based viewer. If you don't have it installed already, it's on the Apple store (for iOS) and on the Google Play store for Android.

When you select a YouTube link on our pages in your mobile browser, the YouTube app should load and play the video. Tap the goggles icon cardboard icon, insert your phone, and look around.

For downloaded movies you've purchased, you can view the movie using your own VR-capable player, such as VLC 360°.

Check out these resources for playing equirectangular VR movies with specific headsets:

• Samsung Gear VR

• Oculus Rift

• HTC Vive

• Sony PlayStation VR

That would be a violation of our Terms of Service, Vimeo's, or both. VR Dome Theater movies are for personal use only.

For public dome display, Loch Ness Productions offers FULLDOME OnDemand and traditional show licensing.