11 March 2017

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Streaming rentals now available!

Vimeo adds 360° video support!

YouTube has a formidable new competitor in the 360° video arena — Vimeo!

We're in the process of setting up shop with Vimeo's On Demand service, to enable streaming rentals of our shows, and purchases of choose-your-resolution downloads.

Over the coming weeks, watch for more and more of our shows to become active on Vimeo.

We'll continue using YouTube for our free trailer previews, but now if you're on mobile, iOS, or headset, you have a choice of viewer apps. Once installed, select the viewor viewbutton below the trailer frame to load and start playing the video in 360°

19 January 2017

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VRDT Showreel — Free Download

We made a short video showreel, called VR Dome Theater — VR showreel 360°, with samples of eleven shows from other producers we offer. We put it on Vimeo for you to try out streaming, downloading and playing on your device.

Check it out!

9 January 2017

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LNP Blast! — Free Download

We made a short video showreel, called LNP Blast! — VR showreel 360°, with samples of eleven shows we created. We put it on Vimeo for you to try out streaming, downloading and playing on your device.

Check it out!

8 January 2017

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Mirage3D shows now available

We've added four great shows from Robin Sip and his Netherlands-based company Mirage3D, now in VR form.

From pterosaurs to paragliding, Dinosaurs at Dusk is a full-speed flight through history. Follow the adventures of a father and his teenage daughter Lucy, who share a fascination for all things that fly. They travel back in time, navigating from continent to continent, exploring an Earth teeming with pterosaurs and the ancestors of modern-day birds — the feathered dinosaurs.

In Natural Selection, we join Charles Darwin on an adventurous voyage of exploration circumnavigating the World with the HMS Beagle, to the Galapagos islands where he got inspired for his later theory of transmutation by Natural Selection.

Relive the excitement of the early days of space exploration in Dawn of the Space Age, from the launch of the first artificial satellite Sputnik, to the magnificent lunar landings, to privately operated space flights. Be immersed and overwhelmed with this most accurate historic reconstruction of man's first steps into space.

Origins of Life is an inspirational journey through time — and a celebration of life on Earth. It features many recent discoveries related to life science, demonstrating that if there was ever a time that science made its greatest advances, it's right now!

3 January 2017

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LivinGlobe shows now available

Two shows from Munich-based filmmaker Harald Singer are now in VR form.

In Cosmic Dance, new science meets old wisdom.

Western science and ages-old spiritual wisdom have been considered as contradictions for a long time. With the rise of quantum and particle physics and new knowledge in astrophysics, our minds have been opened to a new perception of the universe. Yet we find unexpected and astonishing parallels to old wisdom passed on over millennia by ancient spiritual traditions all over the world.

Cosmic Dance is an award-winning immersive film featuring these fundamental changes in philosophy. It's an artful, inspiring journey through a new consciousness, combining documentary content with fictional scenes and Bollywood-style dancing.

In R+J, Romeo and Juliet party on! It's a live-action fulldome film, an artistic show exploring the spherical medium as a medium for film and stories. It offers a modern and somewhat surrealistic version of the Shakespeare classic Romeo and Juliet performed by a group of young people amidst a party atmosphere.

2 January 2017

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Albedo Fulldome shows now available

Teaching the basics — the ABCs of astronomy and solar system exploration — is an essential part of good science education. We're pleased to offer these presentations we produced in collaboration with Albedo Fulldome of Barcelona, Spain.

The first three cover the history of astronomy, the formation of the solar system, and a tour of the planets. We created new English translations, and recorded soundtracks with new narrations and music. And we advised Albedo on their cartoon adventure about a curious little mole. Finally, they created a look at exoplanets for a local science center.

Astronomy: 3000 Years of Stargazing

Birth of the Solar System

Chronicle of a Journey to Earth

Moles - What is out there?

Extrasolar Planets - discovering new worlds


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